Complete Guide: How To Flip A House In 6 Steps


How To Flip A House In 6 Steps

There are many ways to invest in real estate and one of the most popular is flipping houses, but without a process, it can be difficult. This article will give you an introduction on how to flip a house in 6 steps!

Real Estate investing has become increasingly more popular over recent years with people wanting their own homes or businesses becoming less affordable for them. There have been multiple different approaches that individuals use when looking at investing in the property including renting out rooms, buying land, and building properties on it or as mentioned before; “flipping” your house – which essentially means getting something back from what you paid (or rather invested) into its value/worth within a set amount of time-frame after purchase.

However, there’s no universal time frame that will suit everybody and it is inevitable that certain changes in the market (including age, location, and financial status) can lead to flipping taking longer than expected. The steps listed below are a proven (and practical) approach to using what you have of cash, credit, and time available for getting back as close as possible to your initial investment.

Step 1 – Determine Your Financing Method

When flipping a property, it is important to understand how you will finance your purchase as well as the cost of renovations. If financing both with loans, make sure that loan papers are signed BEFORE starting looking for properties so that there’s not any confusion or waiting around before getting into contract negotiations.

Step 2 – Build a Strong Team of Housel Flippers

Once your budget is figured out and financing in place, it is time to develop a team of experts. If you are not in the real estate industry or you have never invested in real estate before, you will want to connect with a mentor first. This could be a real estate broker, lender, another house flipper, contractor, or a friend or family member that has experience.

As you’re entering the house flipping business, it’s important to have a strong team of experts by your side. If this is something that you’ve never done before or if real estate investment isn’t in your wheelhouse, find someone who has the experience and can show you how things get done – like finding contractors for repairs, connecting with lenders to secure financing options so they know what type of loan plan will work best for them. All these little pieces are crucial when getting started as a first-time or entry-level investor.

Step 3 – Research the Market

With your team in place, you are ready to research the market. You want to find an area that is prime for investment. Oftentimes, this is an area of older homes with elderly homeowners or an area designated by the local government as an “opportunity zone”. Be sure you are searching for areas that will be within the budget.

Step 4 – Prospect for Potential House Flipping Properties

With your team in place, you are ready to research the market and find areas prime for investment. You want to make sure that these will be within budget while also being an area of older homes with elderly homeowners or designated by the local government as “opportunity zones”.

You may have to look at several homes with your team to find the one that makes sense for your budget and business plan. However, once you have identified “the one”, you submit your offer, hopefully, get it accepted, and negotiate through the contract to closing. Your mentor, lender, and real estate expert will be key during this process.

You know the market is prime for investment, so you want to find an area that works for you. It can be in a region where there are older homes or zones designated by the local government as “opportunity” areas that need help with development and improvements. You should also look at your budget because it needs to fit what’s possible!

Step 5 – Renovate Your House Flipping Property

Now that you have taken ownership, it’s time to renovate. The key here is to watch your timeline and budget. If you are like most people, the time has come for your business to transition from a nice idea in theory into something more tangible. This is not always an easy task but it does provide certain rewards that may be worth fighting through any difficulties associated with renovations. One of these benefits includes taking ownership and gaining peace of mind knowing what problems came before yourself and how they were dealt with prior to purchase.

As the new owner of this wonderful building (or maybe just a tenant), one must take care during renovation efforts by first watching their timeline as well as budgeting appropriately based on possible surprises that seem inevitable when starting such tasks; there will be many so don’t let them deter you too much! You might have to forego more expensive appliances at the end to accommodate for a new sewer line. These are the types of everyday issues that you must account for.

Step 6 – Find a Buyer to Flip Your House

You have successfully renovated and it’s time to sell! In many areas, homes can fetch a higher price when listed with a broker. However, you’ll need to weigh your options depending on what type of business plan you’re working towards for the property. 

There are two ways that home sellers typically go about selling their properties: by themselves or through an agent who is paid commission from the sale of one’s house in addition to any other listings he/she may also be representing (commonly called listing brokerage). If at all possible without breaking out into too much debt right now, choosing this option will allow not only more exposure but maximize potential profit as well so long as you do your due diligence upfront before committing yourself financially-wise.

A Final Word on How to Flip a House in 6 Steps

The six steps to flipping a house may sound easy, but it is not. There are many opportunities for mishaps along the way and learning how to flip houses can be difficult at first. Fortunately, AutoPilot Flipping offers courses on House-Flipping for Beginners that will get you started with success from day one! The market has never been better so don’t miss your chance now while there’s still prime investing ahead of us!

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