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I’m Rubi Tinoco. I Help Real Estate Investors Flip on AUTOPILOT

Rubi Tinoco is a believer in infinite possibilities and the founder of Megafox Properties and Autopilot Flipping.
She now guides other companies and individuals to become successful in flipping. In 2018, she created Megafox Properties. In her first year she started wholesaling and flipping. She was working in her business full time doing everything herself.
In her second year she net 6 figures monthly. Having gone from flipping a few to hundreds. In 2020 her business became a 7 Figure Flipping Business.
Her success has come from building autopilot systems which have given her the financial freedom to spend time with her family and live the lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. She’s able to work on her business, doesn’t have to physically be in her office, and can work remotely from anywhere.
At 28 years old, Rubi is living with financial freedom and more profitable than ever before.

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