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Hi, I'm Rubi Tinoco

I Help Real Estate Investors Automate Their Flipping Business.

Once Your Business Runs On Autopilot, You Can Be More Profitable Than Ever Before In Business And In Life.

It's Time To Scale Your Flipping Business

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Learn how to build or restructure your current flipping business to successfully AUTOMATE your business and scale to 6-7 figures.

I will give you all of the tools and systems your team needs to perform at their highest level and go AutoPilot!

It’s time you start working ON your business, not IN your business. 

Get started with my guides and expert tips to start flipping!

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Get back 40+ hours of your time each week.
Outsource your current tasks & responsibilities by creating a team.
Create passive income with your business running on autopilot.
Have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Autopilot Flipping is for you. We’ll give you the systems, procedures, and the training your team needs!

How To Automate Your Flipping Business

See How I’m Making Over Six Figures Per Month Flipping On Autopilot 

(Without Ever Having To Walk Properties Or Be At Closings)

BONUS: How To Get A Return On Energy And Not Just A Return On Investment!

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